WOW….its a new week in September, had fun at a friend’s bridal shower did not know its Wednesday already***wink wink

Let metalk about Using Flat Irons for Straightening hair…

Some Ladies still cant live without flat iron, once you know how to achieve a smooth look, its very hard to go back. The truth to be told is flat iron damage your hair due to the heat involve, it make your hair dry and over time will damage the tips of your hair.

Here are few tips to have our hair without damage:

  • Always keep flat iron clean
  • Use a styling aid to prevent hair frizz before you blow dry
  • Comb out the section of hair before using the flat iron
  • Avoid using any products on hair until you finish straightening your hair
  • Flat iron hair in small sections
  • Use pressure while straightening the hair from root to the end without stopping at the middle
  • Use a wide bristle comb on your hair for your desired style
  • Use little serum on hair after
  • Always clean flat irons after use.

Have a lovely week….see you at the top ****SMILE ALWAYS WITH A HEALTHY HAIR


2 responses

  1. Dear Bee, what styling aids do you recommend?

    1. Dear Addy, serum, shea butter are examples of styling aid, section your hair in small bits and robb on the scalp n use the remain on your palms to robb the tips…..Thank you!

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