Today, I am trying to decide how much I am holding myself back, writing has always been a problem for me, well will have to do this but never mind any grammatical jargons….***covering my face.

It was a very busy weekend for me, making a bride’s hair who happens to be my friend since secondary school daiz(Sola fajemisin), she believes so much in my work and also encourages me to never relent in the this path.

Sola’s Wedding

I so much love this my bride, she is blessed with a full length hair which made it easier to work out her desired hair style

Different pix of the bride’s hair

Sola really believes in me and my love for making her look beautiful always, thanks for giving me the chance to do this.***muah


8 responses

  1. Whaooo this is sooo Lovly.. I truly like this! Dear Future husband pls where are u oooo! I have found someone that would make my hair ooo! Nice job.. The girl truly looks beautiful

    1. Thank you babes……xoxo

  2. Really nice…. I do love the hair!

    1. Olawunmi miii…..waiting patiently for you**winks

  3. Babatunde Morenikeji | Reply

    Rily inspiring…..U̶̲̥̅̊ go girl! M impressed…ur own personal blot site to showcase wat ur talent. Hmmm, & nyc hair for ur bride friend by ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ way. I L♥√ع it. Kip it up!!!

    1. Thanks dear…miss you so much, will blog on u soonest asper bread n akara**wink

  4. Nce one gal, great job

  5. Beauriful hair n beauriful job babes.

    Dis hair is beauriful n unique gd job babes

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