Hair extension

Having human hair extension is like a  long time investment, if maintained properly, it can last as long as you keep them and still look good. Maintaining your human hair extension should be important by keeping them clean and brush out like twice daily with soft bristle brush or wide comb.

A good cleaning steps will keep them looking great and shiny, start by brushing or combing the hair extension to remove nay tangles, arrange them properly, get a big round bowl add enough warm water and add shampoo or detergent and place your well brushed hair extension and leave for about 30minutes, throw away the first wash water and repeat process again, rinse out with clean water and apply an appropriate  of a good quality conditioner,too much conditioner ca cause build up that can lead to tangles, rinse and press out the excess water out, comb through the extensions and place on a smooth surface to air dry. Robb little amount o serum when it’s properly dried for a shiny result.


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  1. Tx babes fr d info GBU real gd

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