Detangling has ben a serious problems in styling hair, it’s a task that every Lady run from but its a must do to properly maintain your hair. It’s a constant pain between getting the tangles out and removing shed hair but  not over manipulating it.

With all the pains and stress associated with this process, I thought it would be helpful to give a breakdown of the tools which can help one get through the stress while still having much hair on the head and out of combs.


This is a detangling brush tool that has been in use for sometimes now. The brush has the ability to entangle and separate curls for a more refined look. Its uniqueness is the way it can detangle due to the flexible teeth and the truth is that it can prevent capture the shed hair to prevent your hair from matting or twisting.Like other tools, Denman brush can cause hair breakage if proper caution is not taken when used too often, it’s always good to use it as the final step to smoothen the hair out before styling.




line art drawing of hair comb.


The comb can be the most preferred tool by many for detangling because it detangle efficiently and remove shed hair. This exceptional wide comb has been created  to the highest standards of accuracy and quality in order to gently detangle hair.It is convenient, hygienic and durable. The  accurate finish and smooth edges make it the perfect comb for tangle-free.Combing hair from the tip to root reduces hair breakage while combing from root to tip tends to rip healthy hair out.


Using your fingers might  not be appropriate but the use of an actual part of your body makes it easier to know a tangle and also do a great job in getting  it out gently.Using your fingers can give a correct amount of force on the hair can be the best option for persons with fine hair that splits and breaks easily.


Dry detangling is done by applying  oil, conditioner, or a mixture of the two to the hair, then detangling  it before cleansing. it easier to see and remove the tangles.There is less chance for breakage since the hair is strongest when dry while the oils and or conditioner not only act as a lubricant for easier  detangling, but they also help to moisturize the hair to reduce the  dryness.


Natural hair conditioner


Thank you…xoxo


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