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Hair by Bee

I love making Ladies look beautiful with their hair well made….

It was another weekend to make my old time school  mate , Kate Obeto’s hair on her wedding day.

Kate had sent me a message when she saw a friend’s bridal hair  I made  and said Bee you are making my hair, so she sent me a picture of the hair style.

Hair by Bee

Hair by Bee

I was really happy when she sent me a thank you message immediately after the party **sure was on her way to her in-law’s home for prayers, was so happy it went well and job well done**hugs

It was hard to get the kind of weavon to suit her budget but at last we got one to work with, did I hear you ask, what weavon? amebo….will tell you when its your turn**wink wink.


A good Stylist should be able to work with any kind of good weavon not only peruvian or brazilian as some will tell you, there are some bridalstyles peruvian or brazilian will not give the desired styles because of the softness of the hair…hmmmm thats my opinion….

The Make up artist was awesome and a sister to work with, she did her best….xoxo

Waiting for the next Bride!